Welcome to Monday Madness. I’m Steve Gruber—caught in the middle AND rolling up my sleeves to clean up the latest episode of Dancing with the Dimwits.

Here are 3 BIG Things you need to know:

Three—Your investments are on fire if you are in the market. The Dow has blown past 28,000 and it's like nobody is even paying attention to the all-time record setting numbers. But if you are in, then you know how good it is.

Two—The Reverend Al Sharpton is making big investments in himself rather than the market—in fact, he paid himself a cool $1 Million dollars from his so-called charity in salary last year. Must be nice when you are the charity right?

And Number One—Catching up on the all the nonsense—from witnesses that have no first-hand knowledge of anything in the impeachment scam—in fact on Friday the star witness says she doesn’t know of anything that President Trump has done wrong at all. But Adam Schiff has him convicted already!

AND remember— Jeffrey Epstein DID NOT kill himself!

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