Many may not realize the wide array of chemicals that could easily be mixed in with all of those mounds of snow we see everywhere. These numerous piles are common this time of year of course but with all the precipitation we've had this winter they are much larger and more widespread. In some parking lots there is so much snow some may be contemplating loading it into a truck and dumping it elsewhere. It should be noted the state has strict regulations about doing that. The concern is this: where the snow gets dumped everything in the snow gets dumped too. Things like road salt, gasoline, oil and even pesticides--to name a few. If the snow is unloaded where it could easily seep into the water supply the environmental concerns are obvious. Nearby streams, ponds, rivers and lakes could easily be effected as well. Officials say those with any questions or concerns should check with the "Michigan Department of Environmental Quality" before doing anything.

Photo by Gary Austin