It took a Livingston County jury less than two days of deliberations to convict the man who had become known as the "highway shooter" of terrorism charges.  Now Raulie Casteel faces up to life in prison.

The 44 year old Wixom man was convicted on dozens of charges including the most serious of terrorism, but jurors were not convinced he had set out to kill people when he fired on two dozen vehicles along the I-96 corridor back in October, 2012.  They opted to find him guilty of the lesser charge that still carries prison time.

Casteel took the stand in his own defense on Monday claiming he was delusion at the time of the shootings and used his weapon to protect himself and his family.  He said he did not intend to kill anyone.  Jurors apparently agreed after asking the judge to allow them to again hear Casteel testimony. Not long afterward, they reached a verdict.

Casteel, ironically, was found guilty less than a day before his court appearance today in Oakland County for sentencing on a previous judgment.  There, he pleaded no contest but mentally ill.  He'll likely receive 12 years on those offenses.