A Lansing city councilwoman plans to introduce a resolution today aimed at keeping the investigation into what went wrong at the Board of Water and Light during last month's ice storm to be opn to the public. 

Carol Wood says it would help protect the integrity of the process and let the public in on the investigation every step of the way.  Hundreds of thousands were left in the dark in the late December storm--some for up to two weeks.

The man heading the probe, Mike McDaniel, had a previous dealing with BWL General Manager Peter Lark but claims there will be no conflict of interest.  Lark is under fire for leaving the state after the storm hit and being unprepared to handle the massive outages.  Wood says public meetings will ensure there would be no appearance of inpropriety based on that relationship.

Wood says residents--especially those hardest hit--should be allowed to see for themselves just what went wrong in the response and who was to blame.  McDaniel,. though, says complying with the Open Meetings Act in the investigation would be burdensome on the process and could delay findings and solutions that due out at the end of March. .