Governor Snyder, who has been pushing to see money filtered to Detroit to help the city recover from bankrupcy, is now pressuring members of the Michigan Senate to follow the suit of the State House.

There the 11-bill package, which includes $195 million to help shore up the pension fund and protect the city's art collection, got the thumbs up on Thursday in the House of Representatives.

The controversial legislation is now up for a vote in the Senate.

The Detroit News is reporting today that the deal also includes a long-term oversight commission to look into future spending in Detroit and make sure the city doesn't dig itself deeper into a financial hole.

Governor Snyder praised members of the House for putting aside political fighting to vote in favor of the proposal.  "This was truly a bipartisan team effort that wasn't about politics but stepping up to do the right thing for all the citizens of Michigan," he said.

Some, though, are criticizing the money as simply another bailout.

"I think Michigan taxpayers are sick and tired of continuing to subsize the bad behavior by Detroit politicians--and in some cases, criminal behavior," said Americans for Prosperity state director Scott Hagerstrom.

"They are enabling bad behavior and this has to stop.  We can't keep writing huge chcks for Detroit," he added.

But Snyder says the city's future is important to the future of all in Michigan.

"The city is already coming back in many ways, but from a public sector prespective, this really helps create an environment for success," he said.

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