It’s time for the Grand Bargain in Michigan as it is inaccurately called. More like the Grand Demand. Either you give us 195 million dollars to Detroit to pay off decades of decadence and sin or we will sell the art, not pay the retirees, embarrass Michigan in front of the whole world and so on. Nothing like a political gun to our collective heads!

Well what happens when I bankrupt myself due to years of mismanagement? Do I get to strike a Grand Bargain with my neighbors? Do I get to demand they pay all of my bills even if I sat on a barstool for 40 years? You’d better believe it and make no mistake that the day is coming. In the name of the children and the less fortunate there will dawn a day that the government will say ‘Gee Mr. Gruber there is no way you ‘need’ all of that money in your 401k… after all there are people less fortunate and ‘rich’ people like you need to pay your ‘fair’ share…” You get the picture. If you don’t believe that can and someday soon will happen in America then I submit that you are a damned fool!

I think we should just sell the art, pay the bills and move on. Not popular no just the right thing to do.