Gordon Foods Service Marketplace Stores in Michigan aren't taking any chances.  They're pulling from store shelves ground beef products that could have been contaminated with E.coli.

Return products or throw away

MLive.com is reporting that nine states, including Michigan, may have received meat from the Wolverine Packing Company in Detroit, that could have been contaminated with the deadly bacteria.

11 people so far have complained of symptoms associated with E.coli contamination--five of them in this state.

The packing company has issued a recall for nearly 2 million pounds of the beef after investigators linked the illnesses to them.

A store in Orleans, just east of Belding, has also removed products from store shelves.

The ground beef in question has a production date of between March 31st and April 18th of this year.

Federal food safety officials say other states or stores that received potentially tainted shipments may not yet have been identified.

Two residents in Kent and Ottawa Counties became sick from the bacteria which they say they came in contact with area area restaurants.  Warnings are now out, though, that the contamination may have affected food that consumers bought for their personal use.

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