I grew up in the south, and I always got a kick out of watching southern drivers navigate the roadways during a snowstorm. I’m sure most of us remember our first time navigating a snowy drive, and spinning our wheels. I would expect some crazy driving from folks who only have to deal with it on occasion, they don’t know any better. But we live up north, and we see snow every year. Some more than others, and right now we are expecting 5 or 6 inches by tomorrow. I tend to drive slower in the snow, because you never know what everybody else is going to do, and with the extreme temps we are seeing, there can be ice on bridges and overpasses. As I take my time driving across I-496, SUVs and Pick-up trucks are flying by me like it’s a summer day.

Watching a video of the pileup down in Fort Worth Texas a couple days ago was extremely scary. Cars, SUVs and Semis driving at full Highway speed hit a patch of ice, and there was nothing any of them could do. I watched a Fedex Semi at full speed crash into a pile of cars and other semis. 100 vehicles involved, 6 dead and over 70 injured. That could happen here, and has on I-94 with major whiteouts in past years. Just because someone drives a four wheel or all wheel drive vehicle that does not mean they are immune from winter road conditions. Going 70 or 80 miles an hour during a winter storm is very dangerous, but we see it on our Michigan roads year after year. There’s really nothing we can do about it, people will be people and do whatever they want. But people that abandon caution during winter weather on our roads, make it dangerous not just for them, but for the rest of us on the road. Think about it. Slowing down and not trying to get where you are going as soon as possible can save lives.

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It’s doubtful most of our crazy drivers will ever change their ways, but it never hurts to ask. So please, be careful, be courteous to others, and slow down on slippery roads. It’s just common sense.

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