I think we are all waiting for those nice warm summer days, at this point... and after today, you may get that. We just need to get through some snow.

Snow In The Forecast For Lansing Today

Unfortunately, you'll have to hold off yet again taking out some of your more appropriate Spring wardrobes, and grab those winter jackets this week.

Today, Monday, we will see snow and rain both off and on all day long, with the possibility of over an inch of snow. 

Warmer Spring Like Temperatures ARE On The Way

Today through Wednesday, we will see some of our lowest highs, leading up to Thursday, where will see a high temperature of 64 degrees. Friday's temp's dip down to the lower 60s, but this weekend expect some nice warm weather.

We could see highs in the mid to lower 70's both Saturday and Sunday this week.

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Snowboarding Created in Michigan

November 2014 Set A Record For Snow Fall

Grand Rapids Michigan, November 2014 Record Snowfall For November, Huff Park, November 2014 

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