I used to joke that hard core environmentalists wouldn’t be happy until people were eliminated from the planet. You see they have this misguided idea that somehow anything done by humans is in violation of Mother Earth. This is the same crew that equates the life of people with any other creature around. You see in their twisted world a rat is a bat is a boy. Of course this is the same band of Progressive ‘thinkers’ that also proclaim abortion a perfectly acceptable choice while decrying hunting as a murderous rampage and violation of natural law.

Question- how exactly do you have a logical conversation with someone who says abortion is just fine but killing a deer is a moral outrage. The answer is you don’t.

My first hardcore exposure to the radical left came during my time attending Montana State University. It was pretty clear that most of those who called themselves environmentalists back then would have been happy if a fence was run around the entire state and ‘keep out’ signs were posted from Broadus to Butte and Glacier to Gardner. They would turn Montana- the whole damned place into a park, that no one would be allowed to step foot in. Utopia.

Now it seems the things I joked about are  a lot closer to being the truth than any of us would like to believe. Worse, we sit idly by while these radicals continue to march us off the big green cliff.

In fact there are Ivy league professors saying it’s time to thin out the human population. No, really. According to a recent article by a Brown University academic people are simply ruining the planet.

Hey, didn’t Margaret Sanger want to thin out the population too? That’s a big discussion but we’ll leave that for another day.

Anyway back to our story- Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, who advises both Pope Francis and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, claims that the maximum number of people Earth can support is a just 1 billion “Pope Francis utterly failed to address a major threat to humanity’s future that he and the Catholic Church have helped create: over-population” says the worldly professor.  But ole Hans went a lot farther and said Pope Francis’ new-found environmentalism is “aimed at diverting attention away from a major threat one that his own militant opposition to contraception is making worse.” So it’s the Popes fault. Now I see what he’s saying. Ummmm, what?

Oh, but that is tame compared to liberals doling out advice to the leader of the soon to be former free world- that’s right President Obama’s Science Adviser James Holdren says he wants to see a “decline in fertility to well below replacement.” Holdren claims “280 million Americans in 2040 is likely to be much too many.” So are they suggesting we start cutting down the population now? It sure sounds like it. I mean that’s only 25 years from now, so if we want to get the number down we’d better get to work. The good news for Holdren is that in places like the bosses hometown of Chicago, folks are doing their level best to reduce the number of people every night.

By the way; today there are more than 322 million Americans which needs to be cut down and soon. I mean it’s not like this kind of thinking is radical or anything… oh wait- Holdren has also claimed that global warming will cause the death of 1 billion people by 2020.

So a whole lot of people better get to dying and fast to shore up the deadly epidemic of Global Warming. Maybe suddenly rising oceans will nail a billion soon.

In 1970 some of these same prophets of doom were warning us that we’d never see the sun again after about 1975 and that the particles in the atmosphere would cause global starvation. Yep they said by 1980 at least 200 million people would be dying each year from famine. They also said we’d run out of oil in ten years, killer bees were on the way and the Cubs would win the World Series within a couple of decades. Such hysterical predictions have proven over and over again to the be the product of over active and sick imaginations from those who despise free trade, free speech and free people.

But every generation produces another round of dire predictions about the destruction of the planet from over population, income inequality and the end of life as we know it from asteroids, or a sudden polar shift or poison being belched from cars and trucks.

Yet somehow we defy logic year after year- and Progressive paranoia and feed more people, cloth more people, educate more people and sustain and nurture more people than ever before. How many people do you think could live in the Upper Peninsula if they really had to? Ever seen South Dakota or Eastern Wyoming? I am pretty damned confident we have some extra real estate available for new housing developments and based on more than a billion people calling both India and China home these days- I am thinking we have some growing room left before we need to smack the panic button. I mean we haven’t even begun to fill up Canada with people. I am disappointed to report that there are less than 35 million people total just north of the border. Those folks need to get started making little hockey fans and fast!

But wait- babies are the baseline of destruction for the planet according to the more radical members of the environmental movement. Vocal advocates of human population control believe that global warming and other environmental problems are the direct result of human overpopulation. They also believe that the natural world is more valuable than anyone in your family, including you. Therefore, they believe that reducing the number of humans is imperative, and that doing so is the only real way to ensure that the environment is protected. And they think Republicans are crazy. These people actually take themselves seriously.

In fact, there are entire environmental groups dedicated solely to this view. The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, for example, claims that “Voluntary human extinction is the humanitarian alternative to human disasters” and believes that humanity should commit species suicide rather than continue damaging the environment.

With this in mind I have come up with a short term solution to some of these more demanding problems of the Progressive Environmental Movement. If you believe these things and feel that strongly about it and would like to save the world and do the rest of us a favor- then by all means do the right thing and kill yourself!

By the way, I think that will leave a lot more bacon for me. Cool.