JEWEL SAMAD - Getty Images

What the hell is going on with Halloween costumes for girls? I mean seriously what are we teaching young women these days?

I went looking for a costume for my 10 year old daughter and what I found was more like something you’d find on a hooker or at a strip joint. In the day and age when all the left is screaming about the alleged ‘culture of rape’ in America I wonder why most of the stuff for ‘girls’, I wouldn’t let my wife wear out of the house.

Lets be honest- our children are over sexualized already. The nature of television, movies and social media is already far more sexual than it should be but I guess that’s what is selling while most parents are face down drooling into their smart phones!

It is something that would be very simple to solve- don’t buy that garbage. If it doesn’t sell it won’t be on the shelf!

Stand up America!