Recent Wayne State University research found that 25% of Michigan students are bullied.

Really, can this be true?

Have you asked your K – 12 student if 25% of their classmates are bullied, I did and the answer was a resounding NO.

An article in is reporting on this research performed by Wayne State and if true is a serious problem.  One problem I have with this article is that it does not state the definition of bullying by which the research based its finding.

This sounds awfully high, not to say that bullying is a serious problem that should be dealt with, but if we water down the meaning of bullying what does that say and what does that do to our children?

The report was in partnership with Michigan's Children, School Community Health Alliance of Michigan and the Southeast Michigan Women of the Evangelical Church of America.

The researchers at WSU surveyed 206 students age 13 through 19 on bullying in their schools.

It should be noted that approximately a quarter of students said the bullying was after school, but the most common locations for bullying in school were in the classroom and hallway. Only about 6%of students reported online bullying, that I thought would be higher.

One of the students surveyed was quoted is the article saying: "Tolerance of bullying is carried on by adults who don't necessarily believe we can create a culture that does not allow bullying, if you act purposefully, it can be done. The first step is believing it can be done."

Another student surveyed said how she dealt with the bullying was to develop a tough exterior and shut herself off from the world.  She was quoted in the article saying: "I didn't trust anyone”.

Now that does not sound like it is good for the mental health of this student.  Could we be exaggerating what bullying is and telling the student they are being bullied or could all this be true?

The study stated that true open-door policies and adults who listen are key to reducing abuse and bullying.

Are you surprised at the high number of students who said they were bullied?

Is it odd that a definition of bullying was not given in the article and I could not find the definition in my research?

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