It is a sad day in America when a teetering old fool with white wispy hair, that is certainly old enough to remember the horrors of socialist regimes murdering tens of millions of their own citizens in the 20th century is declaring we need more government and more control over American citizens and that thousands flock to the alter of his delusions.

Bernie Sanders is an avowed Democratic Socialist. That is a form of government that takes control of the means of production. Simply put, Bernie supports the government stealing businesses big and small and putting them under the control of corrupt, bungling bureaucrats. That is an idea nothing short of brilliant.

In the 20th century governments operating on similar ideas slaughtered it’s citizens on an all too regular basis. In Red China, Chairman Mao was the man who led as many as 100 million of his fellow citizens to their graves after leading the nation to Communism in 1949.

Josef Stalin slaughtered more than 50 million Russians while ruling his nation with an Iron fist.

Pol Pot claimed a couple million more in Cambodia. Fidel Castro and Che Guevera left a million more dead just south of Florida.

My only question is how the hell could anybody support this kind of thinking? I guess it is our college kids for the most part- our tragically uneducated and unwavering college kids.

Oh did I mention, Bernie Sanders, the guy who supports the mechanisms of government that lead to mass graves for tens of millions, just won the New Hampshire Primary by double digits.

We are in deep trouble.