No, not Hillary but Bill. You see Bill is all wound up because of the close contest in Iowa- where his marriage of convenience wife Hillary was awarded a razor thin victory on February 1, 2016. Some, in fact many actually believe she did not win but instead lost to a 74 year old curmudgeon and loyal socialist, Bernie Sanders. After that Bill was so angry he apparently lost his sexual appetite for a few hours.

The problem on the campaign trail however is Bill himself. His hands tremble and his voice cracks. Bill Clinton is an elderly man. He is an angry old man at that. I would be very worried about what he might say along the way if I were in Hillarys camp.

However, after she gets crushed again in New Hampshire, Bill might just come unglued. Eight years ago he let loose some racial comments we’ve all heard when Hillary fell behind Barack Obama.

This is fun to watch indeed.