Fox News has now turned a blind eye to Donald Trump as it has apparently climbed on board the establishment train.

In it’s coverage of the Saturday debate leading up to the New Hampshire Primary where Trump has a commanding lead in all the polls heading in, the billionaire was all but ignored in the networks coverage of the event. The network spent the majority of it’s time focusing the surge in popularity of Senator Marco Rubio and back bench candidate Chris Christie. Both are popular with mainstream Republicans compared to the raucous campaigns being led by Trump and the winner of the Iowa Senator Ted Cruz.

I guess the network has let a feud between Trump and one of it’s superstar anchors, Megyn Kelly, cloud it’s judgment on how to cover these events.

I read a couple days ago that the cards are being stacked against Trump by big money behind the scenes. I dismissed that notion out of hand but I am now hedging that bet. If Trump comes in anywhere except first place in New Hampshire and by quite a margin then it would be fair to say I think it could be rigged.

I am not supporting any candidate but I know a guy doesn’t lose a 25 or 30 point lead by coming in second in Iowa. Cruz doesn’t get forgotten by winning in Iowa.

Just something to keep an eye on over the next couple of days.