Philip Wegmann is the White House Correspondent for Real Clear Politics. He previously wrote for The Washington Examiner and has done investigative reporting on congressional corruption and institutional malfeasance.

Phillip Wegmann: "I reached out to President Trump's Campaign to ask what his preferred pronouns were and he did not get back to me. I think it's safe to say he goes by "He and Him. They did not return my request for comment."

Scot Bertram: "So no response, I guess we'll have to guess. You don't want to be wrong with that sort of thing, but I think we are in okay shape. This goes back a ways, but specifically there was the LGBTQ Town hall about a week or two or go. And Chris Cuomo makes the joke after Kamala Harris says 'My Pronouns are she and her' and he says 'Mine too.'"

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