When I first saw this picture I thought, this pothole situation is starting to get really out of control. I also had a really good laugh. It turns out the picture of a Michigan drivers car being 1/3  deep in a pothole wasn't a pothole at all. WXYZ explained saying:  "You may have seen this picture on social media describing it as a pothole in Hamtramck. However, it's not a pothole; police say the motorist drove through a construction zone and got stuck in a giant hole while crews were fixing a water main break."

WXYZ Facebook
WXYZ Facebook

Of course the people of Michigan had plenty to say on the subject:
Jeremy RobertsMan real talk, you got pot holes that size on 10 mile in Warren between Dequindre and Ryan.
Trina Wilkinson- But the fact that it could be believed that this is a pothole is more of an issue 😂😂😂
Josh Polan- Barricades are there for a reason. They risked their life and the workers. Some people just shouldn't drive.
Marie Margaret -When there is a nationally known ice cream named Michigan Pot Hole, you know there’s problems.
The driver was ticketed for reckless driving.

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