If you live in Michigan then you've been a victim of the legendary potholes that plague our streets, but the governor has issued a new plan to finally help combat that.

I've damaged countless tires and ruined my car's wheel alignment over and over again, thanks to these Michigan roads. Thankfully hope is on the horizon, but it won't be cheap.

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With that being said we've got two options to fix our roads.

“The option would be to allow counties and cities to create their own local fuel tax or their own local registration fee, so that’s a great idea, a great concept but it would take the approval of the public,” said Ed Noyola, Deputy Director for the County Road Association of Michigan.


I hope you didn't think the roads were just gonna magically fix themselves and we wouldn't have to pay for it. Well, things don't work like that.  Roads are a constant and crazy expensive cost for any city, but it's something that every (nice looking) city has a budget for.

So the real question is, are you ready to pay more money to have nicer roads? I know I am.

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