We all know that COVID-19 cases have pretty much spiked across the country. And with the holidays just about here, a lot of people wonder if it's safe to fly?

Experts say flying is safer than it was earlier in the COVID-19 pandemic because of airline changes, but air travelers should always take precautions.

According to USA Today, states don't just require face masks and social distancing. Some states require a 14 day quarantine or a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival.

AAA projects that 2.4 million Americans will fly for Thanksgiving. It's always best to know how to prepare. (USA Today)

The president and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association said if you travel, you must travel safely.

If you plan on flying in the near future, here are several ways to mitigate the risks:

Ditch the bins at TSA checkpoints. Travelers should put personal items such as cellphones, keys, lip balm and tissues in their carry on bags instead of in a bin to avoid cross contamination.

Face masks are required. Bring a face mask or face covering and wear it at the airport and on the plane. All major U.S. airlines require passengers to wear them.

Bring hand sanitizer and wipes. Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it regularly. The TSA relaxed its liquid rule for hand sanitizers and allows travelers to bring a hand sanitizer container as big as 12 ounces.

Bring your own food and drinks. Bring your own food from home and an empty water bottle to fill once you clear security.

Use touchless check in options. Use your smartphone to check in to your flight on your airline's mobile app in advance, and save your boarding pass straight to your phone.

USA Today has more health and safety precautions for future air travelers.

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