I read a survey recently that got me to thinking about how societies accepted delusions lead us straight into socially accepted lies and when that happens those lies can put our entire country at risk. I think this is an important discussion that our nation needs to have right now before the moral fabric of our country is completely tattered and torn asunder by the political rip currents we are paddling into.

According to the survey conducted by the Pew Research Center 54% of Americans believe that whether someone is a man or a woman can accurately be determined by the biological sex with which they are born. That means that nearly half of your fellow citizens believe that your gender is something that is not determined by biology but rather something you can choose like a Che Guevera t-shirt at the local mall.

And just so you know this is bipartisan ignorance; only 20% (and for the mathematically challenged, which is nearly all millennials) that's just 1 in 5 Republicans and those who say that they lean Republican believe that there's no way of accurately determining a persons sex at birth! I guess we’d better start re-educating our OBGYN’s about the “new science” of gender and explain to them that saying “congratulations it’s a boy” is offensive and completely transphobic. In addition anyone in the medical field that fails to understand this simple logic from the left, should be assigned to sensitivity training immediately. Pardon the sarcastic excellence but it gets much worse. A whopping 64%, that’s right 64% or nearly 2 out of every 3 Democrats and those who lean Democrat believe that there's just no way of telling whether a mother just gave birth to a baby boy or a baby girl.

You have to wonder if these people have any opinions on the sex of either hens and roosters or cows and bulls. I can say there is a pile of cock and bull in this whole cockamamie conversation that is deeply rooted in delusional fantasies that are entertained by people with what appears to be a tenuous grip on reality.

I want you to just stop and realize that this is exactly what happens to a population when the left is allowed to dominate academia in K-12 education, the university system, teachers unions, school boards and important other important areas of our culture. Now I realize you were busy at work busting your hump so you could pay the property taxes, income taxes, sales tax and a host of other taxes, levies and fees to pay these people that have hijacked our schools so you didn’t realize they were pushing Marxist ideals on your kids and grandkids. I mean you did have to support your family after the socialists got done stealing your money for their social adventures.

Here's another point that I need everyone to understand: this is also exactly what happens when we ask the government to do for parents what only the parents should be doing for their children. This is what happens when some parents are grateful for public schools because they become a de babysitter. It’s also what happens when these ideologues are allowed to run rampant and teach their perverse version of sex ed. what I'm talking about is sex education. When I was a kid we learned about the birds and the bees in basic points in fifth grade. We discussed reproduction and how animals were born. We learned more from kids on the bus, a bit from our parents and some from things our friends would say and eventually we figured it out for ourselves. We didn’t get graphic explanations using fruits and vegetables to demonstrate the proper use of condoms or that whatever you were attracted to it was perfectly normal; even if that was fruits and vegetables too.

Sadly I don’t believe any of this is accidental or that the government is incompetent any more than I thought Barack Obama was incompetent. I think it is part of a masterstroke to ingrain relativism throughout our society and make us question our own morals and values. The idea that everything is relative and you can never really know what is actually right and wrong degrades the entire society because it erases actual boundaries of behavior. I know better than that and so do you. You know what’s right and you know what’s wrong but you are being bounced around with so many messages your moral compass may be spinning.

It’s time to get ahold of yourself and plant your feet on the ground.

Because if you don’t guess what happens? And an ever larger portion of the population begins to believe that nothing is truly knowable. They begin to believe that right and wrong is relative and they embrace situational morality. They even believe that biology is up for debate including even their very own gender. That’s something you'd hope people would know by the time they're two or three years old. But instead of enriching our children with our values all too often we run out the door, guilty ourselves of chasing a new car or a bigger house while the kids go off to school. The problem is the lesson being learned is something

There are more people in the world than you would ever guess who are firm believers in relativism. It makes them feel intellectual and superior to others because they think they know so much more than other people.

It reminds me of maybe my favorite Ronald Reagan quote; the problem with my liberal friends is that they know so much that just isn’t so.

We must defend what is ours; our God given inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit is happiness. This of course all comes with a healthy dose of American Privilege, which means you must also fight to defend truth and tear down liberal myths with reckless abandon. I mean what else do you have to do today?

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