It seems the NFL has opted for it’s own destruction despite the overwhelming warning signs of what is happening. Ratings are plummeting. Once die-hard fans have moved on to other things. The stadiums, financed by taxpayers all over the nation are half empty or more. Yet the NFL marches on. Players continue to kneel even though the result is killing the league.

Sunday Night Football ratings have collapsed. The latest indication that the point of no return may have been passed.

And instead of cutting out the cancer that is Commissioner Roger Goodell, the league instead embraced the guy that doesn’t understand the first rule of business; the customer is always right. As the season ran off the rails and owners, players, and the White House argued publicly about players that decided to disrespect the National Anthem and kneel instead of showing respect, Goodell flailed about hopelessly and in the end made no significant contribution to the conversation.

This will be the end of The National Football League. You cannot snub your own fans and think that you know better. You don’t. You lost the conversation early on and instead of admitting it you let the sickness spread. It’s all over now except for the crying. Unless of course you fill the stands with all those Social Justice Warriors the league has embraced over the support of it’s now fading hard-core fan base.

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