Have you heard of the CHIP Federal Health Insurance Program?

CHIP stand for the Children’s Health Insurance Program, a federal program started in 1997 to provide health and dental coverage for children from working families that make more than double the federal poverty level, which now stands at $43,290 for a family of three.  It is a federal program administered by the state, Michigan’s program is titled MIChild.

It was designed for families who make too much to qualify for Medicaid but cannot afford health insurance. Currently in Michigan, families who qualify for the MIChild program pay a $10 monthly premium for that coverage, and pay nothing for their co-pays.

According to the AP/Detroit News the federal funding for that program is expiring and currently there are discussions around the funding of the program.

I have one big question that is not addressed at all in that article and that is why do we even need this program any longer since the law of the land is the Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare/Scotuscare?

If, by law, every person and family must carry health insurance, then this program is no longer needed.  Not only must every person and family carry health insurance but the Democrats have given us what they tell us is affordable health insurance in the bill they passed titled the Affordable Health Care Act, it states it right there in the title.

I am not attempting to disparage the Affordable Health Care Act but just point out a very obvious question.

Interesting that you never see an article in the news that asks the elephant in the room question, there might be an answer or maybe not and that is why the question is not asked.

Interesting also that all politicians that speak of taxpayer funded health insurance programs other than the Affordable Health Care Act are not asked that same question.

Just ask yourself, if the Affordable Health Care Act is the law of the land then why are any other programs needed?

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