It’s been labeled as the “Oldest Public Building in the State of Michigan”…..and it sits at 115 W. Lawrence Avenue in downtown Charlotte.

In an attempt to stop any argument on what Michigan’s oldest building is, let me say that the structure in Charlotte is the state’s oldest PUBLIC building (as to what our state’s ULTIMATE oldest building is, it’s a tossup with three Mackinac Island locations: the Officer’s Stone Quarters at Fort Mackinac, the McGulpin House, and the Biddle House, all built in 1780).

The Charlotte building in question was constructed in 1841 for only $429.75 as a county clerk office and is the “oldest building continually used as a governmental office in the State of Michigan.” It had twin vaults with 1½ feet-thick walls and iron doors…one of which is now used as an employee break room.

The building was also once a post office, as well as offices for welfare, attorneys and health officers. It sits in Charlotte’s Historic Section, so by walking around the area, there is plenty more to see.

Currently, the structure is being used as the Charlotte Chiropractic Clinic. Stop in and ask some history questions!


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