You may or may not be in the market to own a church right now, but with the way today's housing market is it never hurts to look! I'm addicted to watching HGTV shows like Home Town, Flip or Flop, and No Demo Reno, so when I see new and unique properties hit the market I'm always thinking of their future potential.

These churches that are for sale in Michigan right now provide endless possibilities. Some are zoned for religious use only, others include the option to convert into a private residence, and some even have an additional home already included in the asking price!

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What's amazing about these churches is not only the size and square footage, but the age as some of these churches date back to the 1870s! These properties definitely channel old-world charm, but they also include features like cathedral ceilings, beautiful rafters, balconies, and stunning stained glasswork. You'll definitely feel at peace with these properties.

Some of these churches range from modest in size to quite extravagant. There are many bonus spaces like classrooms, offices, and recreational space including gyms and basketball courts. Again, the possibilities are endless! Check out the potential with these area churches for sale:

5 Marvelous Churches For Sale in Michigan

There are numerous church properties listed for sale in Michigan right now. Ranging from rural churches in cities I've never even heard of to giant cathedrals, just think of all the potential these properties hold! Whether you'd continue using the church for its intended purpose or flip it into a home residence, take a look at these area churches for sale.

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