I have always been a fan of our Police and Firefighters, and actually being a Police Officer was my 2nd career choice.  It's got to be a great feeling helping out people in need every day. Of course, there are many careers that do just that.  It's sure is nice to know that they are here in case we need them.  So what if we had to pay a fee for calling the Police or Fire Department. That's what our taxes are for correct?  Well, so far that is the case in most towns.

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Would You Pay For Police and Fire Calls?

According to fox47news.com the city of Charlotte may start to bill people for police and fire calls depending on what services they need.

We will be billing for things such as fires, vehicle fires, structure fires, accidents, extractions, rescues of that nature," said Mayor Michael Armitage. "Those types of things. Those bigger calls that use a lot of resources. Armitage said a previous ordinance was restrictive and was used if someone was driving under the influence in the city and was arrested. They would be billed for the fees that the city incurred to process the case.

Here is The Concern

The question is what if you can't afford it, do you not call in that case. This could raise a lot of concern in the city of Charlotte. Supposedly the City Council said earlier in the week they will now let the city begin billing people for more police and fire calls. It could save the city $30,000 to 40,000 a year. The next step is for the city council to put caps in place for the charges. They will be doing that at the first meeting in June.  I guess this is done in some communities so stay tuned.

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