Seems these days everyone is in such a big hurry especially on Michigan roads. So maybe the majority of us need to slow down. A few weeks ago I was on my way home around noon, and I saw a major accident (with many Michigan State Troopers on the scene). It was in the other direction on the freeway and it was disturbing.

There was an almost unrecognizable car smashed up and fatalities. It brought tears to my eyes as I prayed for them. Could this have been prevented if everyone involved was taking their time? Maybe.

According to

According to Michigan State Police 873 people have died on state roadways this year.


Compared to this time last year, that’s an increase of 37 more deaths. Experts aren’t sure what’s causing the rise, but say speeding is part of the problem.

Not only do we need to slow down, but we also need to make sure we put our phone on silent or turn it off. So we're not tempted to look at it or text and drive. I know it can be hard with all the craziness in this world right now, but think about it. Is it really gonna be that bad if we're 5 or 10 minutes late? I think not. With Covid deaths on the rise, let's not add to it with a car accident. Let's be safe and be there for one another. Safe travels to you and your family this holiday season.

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