This anxiety-inducing video shows a car being violently dragged down the highway with people inside.

Just before lunchtime, the dashcam of Grezesiek Misiek caught a frightening moment on video.  It was around 11:40 am on Tuesday when an unexplainable crash happened between a semi-truck and a small sedan.  The most terrifying part of the video is when you see a person stick their arm out of the driver's side window to get the attention of people passing by.

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Illinois State Police are investigating the accident that somehow had no injuries or fatalities according to WGN,

There were no injuries reported in the collision.  Two lanes of the highway were closed to investigate the crash but reopened at approximately noon.

At this time, it's unclear how the collision between the semi-truck and the small car was initiated.  It's possible that the car merged into the semi's lane, getting stuck under the trailer, but again, we have an explanation from the police or people involved in the accident at the time this article was published.

The other thing that is a tad confusing is how did the truck driver not know he was dragging a car?  You would think they could hear the car being dragged, see the car in their passenger-side mirror and even feel the dramatic change in momentum while driving.

I can't imagine being trapped in a car while it is being dragged down a highway, not knowing if your car is going to catch fire from the friction or get crushed by the back tires of the semi-trailer.  The loud sounds of their car's frame scraping the pavement at a high rate of speed must have been the scariest moment of that person's life.  We're so glad everyone made it out ok.

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