There are many dangerous intersections here in Lansing, and with that, we can see a lot of accidents due to speeding and even distracted driving. A new legislation was introduced that would allow speeding enforcement from cameras.

The House Bill, 5284 was introduced by Rep. Sarah Anthony.

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“Over the last year and a half, we’ve seen a renewed interest in reimagining public safety, from both elected officials and residents alike,” Anthony told sources. “My bill would provide local municipalities and law enforcement agencies with an additional innovative tool to help keep our community safe without increasing the number of officers on the street.”

We saw a decrease in traffic stops during the 2020 year. The pandemic was a big part of that reason, as well as a shortage of officers here in the Mid-Michigan area. Last year, law enforcment officers were also faced with the question on what was appropriate for speeding enforcements during the year too.

Over this past summer, there was an increased effort for more control on speeding in the area. Speeding, however, is the common topic amongst Lansing residents. This new bill would have cameras monitor speeding in high traffic areas, allowing for less strain on local authorities.

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