The old Lansing Mall Cinema complex is now being re-developed as the first independently owned Black state of the art movie studio, and it will be a summer time drive in Theatre as well beginning in May. It’s known as Greenwood District Studios Incorporated, and the Drive-In theatre is called Amaru Flix. Plans are to have three outdoor screens showing movies that feature people of color.

Amaru who is a local area comedian is heading this project, lost his livelihood due to the pandemic.

Fox 47 reports “We’re going to be playing movies that you’ve seen in theaters…minority movies, so it could be black, it could be Mexican, it could be Asian…one of my favorite movies as a child as “Mi Vida Loca,” “My Crazy Life” …if we learn about each other’s culture a little bit, we might understand that…we’re not too far separated,” Amaru said.

The plan is to use profits from the drive-in to finance the Greenwood District Studios, and donate 25% of those funds to community projects every month. Amaru is urging everyone to show support for this new drive-in, because it supports everything in here, and once it’s up and running, it supports the Greenwood tourism. Once all of this is in motion plans are to acquire other buildings, and turn it into the Michigan version of Paramount Pictures.

Fox 47 reports “He’s bringing something to the area that, you know, is not around, and especially at a time when some entertainment is desperately needed. So, we’re very interested in what becomes of that,” said Brian Reed, Delta Township Manager.

The groundbreaking was ceremonial according to Amaru, construction has yet to begin. It's great to see this dormant property coming alive again in west Lansing. Summertime drive in movies sounds like fun, and a great way to get out of the house for a while. The pandemic is bringing out a lot of new creative business activity these days, as everyone pushes the norm for survival.

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