Some Michigan State University students are already making their way back into campus housing this weekend, to return for the spring semester.

Students will be permitted to live on campus again, according to Chief of Communications Officer for Residential and Hospitality, Kat Cooper.

“We’re welcoming about 3,500 students back to Michigan State University’s on-campus housing system,” said Cooper. “They’re each allotted two helpers to assist them with moving in.”

Students will be allowed to share a bathroom with suitemates while being kept as far apart in the dorms as possible.

“This semester, we are having some students live in community bath halls. Those buildings have been renovated, they have great air circulation and there’s reduced capacity in the entire building. So, we’re confident that students can use the community baths while staying separated and staying safe,” she said.

Weekly COVID saliva testing will be required for students to help stop the spread of COVID-19. In-room guests are discouraged, and overnight guests are prohibited, according to WILX.

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