Nothing spells 'Merica, like the good old Dollar General. It's a joke that is countrywide at this point, that you can't go too far without running into a Dollar General.

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But what about here in Michigan? Which county truly has the most Dollar Generals?

Michigan County With No Dollar Generals

Before we talk about the most Dollar Generals, we need to start with the least or zero Dollar Generals, which just so happens to be Leelanau County.

Dollar General To Open Over 700 New Stores In 2015
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If you're looking to get a few things at a discount price, you won't find it in that Michigan County.

The Michigan County With The Most Dollar Generals

Dollar General has been getting a lot of coverage lately. Especially with Michigan communities, so I had to sit back and wonder which Michigan County had the most Dollar Generals.

The answer too, honestly didn't shock me either.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

The Michigan County with the most Dollar Generals just so happens to be Wayne County.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Better known as Detroit, Michigan for those not as familiar with Wayne County. I can't say that I am too shocked by this answer. Wayne County is fairly big, and there is a large populous residing in Detroit, Michigan.

Next time you need something readily available and at a cheap price, if you happen to be in Wayne County, then you are in the right Michigan County to find a good bargain deal.

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