We've talked about a few different roads here in Michigan. From the longest, to the shortest, even to the straightest.

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But have you heard of the oldest concrete road in Michigan?

The Oldest Concrete Roadway In Michigan

If you're looking to drive on the oldest concrete pavement in Michigan, you will find it it in Calumet, Michigan. It was first poured back in 1906, and believe it or not, is still in service today!

Google Maps/Canva Pro
Google Maps/Canva Pro

Calumet, Michigan is all the way in Michigan's northern peninsula, and one has to wonder if just because of where it's at, maybe it just doesn't see the same constant traffic that maybe roads in Flint, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo or Detroit see.

Portland Street Is Michigan's Oldest Concrete Road

I wish that we had a better view of the street, but below is a view of Portland Street, the oldest concrete road here in Michigan. 

Google Maps
Google Maps

According to a federal study, concrete pavements are cheaper than that of asphalt pavements.

I think it is interesting that concrete is cheaper in the long run. It makes me half curious if concrete lasts longer or has a shorter life span than that of asphalt at the end of the day.

However, this concrete roadway was poured in 1906. Making the roadway over a hundred years old... almost 120 years old.

Have you driven on the oldest concrete road in Michigan?

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