This story is heartbreaking, but it also shines a light on how many good people are out there - how many good people are right here in Michigan. And it give us an opportunity to BE those good people.

If you have been thinking about adopting or can help in any other way, please keep reading.

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More Than 100 Neglected, Sick Dogs Rescued From Blighted Home

At the end of January, 164 neglected dogs were rescued from a large-scale breeding operation on the East Bay in Traverse City.

LIttle Traverse Bay, Facebook
LIttle Traverse Bay, Facebook

The dogs were found in deplorable conditions with little to no access to food, clean water, shelter, or any sort of medical care. According  Little Traverse Bay Humane Society,

Approximately 100 dogs were being housed in an 1,100 square foot trailer saturated in urine and feces. The rest of the dogs were living outside with no shelter available to them. This proved fatal for 37 (and likely more) dogs who were found deceased on the property.

The dogs were discovered when multiple agencies were conducting court-ordered blight cleanup, after the property owners on Supply Road were found to be in violation of the Junk Ordinance and refused to comply.

According to 9&10 News, the property owner, 72-year-old Raymond Feagles, is facing several charges of animal abuse and neglect.

Where are the Rescued Dogs from Traverse City Now?

The surviving dogs are now safe and getting the treatment they need thanks to a joint effort by multiple animal control agencies and local humane societies.

Cherryland Humane Society, Facebook
Cherryland Humane Society, Facebook

Cherryland Humane Society, which has been housing and caring for the animals since the seizure, has taken to calling them the "Disney Dogs", because "every single one of these pooches deserves a happily ever after":

These dogs are simply amazing. From where they came from to now, it brings you to tears how resilient and forgiving dogs are. 160+ dogs entered into our care cold, injured, terrified, covered in feces and fleas, dehydrated with overgrown nails, some with skin concerns, others with dental disease or other unattended health issues. We will spare you the details, but it was much worse than any of us could have imagined.

In a release, the Grand Traverse County Health Department thanks all who are participating in helping these dogs:

Grand Traverse County Animal Control would again like to thank all of the agencies that assisted with each step in this lengthy process. From helping on the scene, transferring dogs, assisting with medical care, and now helping to find forever homes, we would not have been able to accomplish such a feat without their support.

Michigan residents and businesses have also stepped up to help with donations, both monetary and in terms of food and other supplies for the neglected animals. This is so wonderful to see!

When Will the Dogs Rescued in Northern Michigan Be Ready for Adoption?

While continuing to receive the care they need, these amazing pups will soon be ready for adoption at Little Traverse Bay Humane Society, Charlevoix Humane Society, and Otsego County Animal Control.

Anyone interested in adopting a dog can check out their websites and social media pages, keeping in mind that each agency has its own set of processes and timelines. That information is below!

For additional ways to help, please consider consider volunteering or donating!

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