Credit: CAHS via Facebook
Credit: CAHS via Facebook

Veterans Day is Monday, November 11th. And to show their appreciation, the Capital Area Humane Society is taking part in Free Adoptions for Members of The Military.


Don't shop, adopt. Take a peek at all the pets that CAHS has up for adoption HERE.

Don't forget, it's always adopt one cat/kitten and get one free.

We highly suggest you take the entire family with you out to the shelter when you're ready to adopt. It is important to bring any children in the house with you to meet potential pets. We also recommend that all family members be present for an adoption. This will help ensure that the potential pet is the best possible fit for everyone in your family.

They have adoption counselors onsite to help you with any questions and to prepare you fully before you leave. Also, feel free to speak with them before you plan to adopt this holiday season.

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