A couple weeks ago I published a story here about the Meridian Township Police and their Citizen's Academy, where the public is invited to come learn about their police department, including how they handle different situations.

I have to believe that nobody saw this situation coming, but the Meridian Township Police Chief accompanied by a Meridian Township Sergeant saved a life today in a really big way. According to the Meridian Township Police Facebook page:

This morning Chief Plaga and Sgt. Besonen responded to a call of a vehicle that had crashed into the pond on West Pond in Okemos. They discovered the vehicle was almost entirely submerged in the water so they removed their uniforms, gun belts, and boots and swam out to the vehicle. There they found a woman trapped inside the vehicle, unable to get out. Chief Plaga and Sgt. Besonen worked together to get the door open and removed the woman as the vehicle submerged entirely into the pond. The woman has been transported to a medical facility where she is getting treatment. If not for these extraordinary officers this story could have had a much sadder ending.

Get more info here from the Meridian Township Police Facebook page.

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