After House majority leader Eric Cantor went down in flames to a tweed jacketed economics professor named Dave Brat the political world is all abuzz with possible upsets.

Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran who was first elected in 1976 cobbled together conservative old school Republicans with liberal democrats in an all out desperation move to hold on to his seat.

New York’s ethically challenged Charles Rangel went looking for his 23rd term despite being censured by the house a couple years ago. I mean what difference does it make anyway?

What does this all mean for the Michigan races come November? Absolutely nothing except that the race for U.S. Senate here will be close, expensive and probably a bit on the nasty side.

Real Clear Politics gives Republican Terri Lynn Land the edge over Democrat Gary Peters by a slight margin if the election were held today. It wasn’t and that too means nothing at all. But hey it’s fun to watch.

By the way Cochran and Rangel appear to have won by a sliver meaning their tenure in Washington will continue, but just barely.

Incumbents beware there is rough water ahead.