Whether you call it a mitt or a glove, Michigan isn't normally found in the clouds.  Except, it was!

MLive.com is reporting today that a Grand Rapids native has a picture of what looks like the state's lower peninsula in the sky.

Woman sees Michigan's lower peninsula in the clouds

Sara Edwards captured the pic, she says, while heading to her home north of Atlanta.  It's since gone viral.

The report indicates that Edwards initially sent the picture to friends who said she should consider sending it to someone more official.  That's when she contacted the Michigan Awesome company in Holland that sells Michigan products.   They posted it on Facebook and the rest, as they say, is history!

Some have suggested that the picture is just too perfect to be true.  To that, Edwards scoffed.  "If these naysayers knew me, they'd know I can barely work my phone or download an app," she said.  "Plus, I think if I were to photo shop it, I'd take out the power lines running across the whole picture."

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