Are they or aren’t they Trump delegates, that is the question.

As we all have been hearing a fight in Cleveland is a brewing.  The fight is between Trump and everyone else.  It is not unusual that everyone is gunning for the leader but this year there seems to be an abundance of people going after the front runner.


Is it that the “establishment” Republican Party does not want Trump, if so why?  Do they believe he does not represent the parties’ values, what values I ask?  The values of do nothing; what values do they actually stand for other than talking about their supposed values.  Words only mean something when you back them up with action.

Is it that they do not believe they can control Trump?  It appears more and more obvious to me that what really matters to these parties are themselves, their power and access to it.

Is it they are worried about the down ticket and not retaining power of the Senate and possibly the House.  This relates to the second point I made about retaining power for themselves.  They will tell you it is for the party, the values and policies they stand for.  Problem being what values and policies do they stand for?  I no longer know what the values they stand for are, since I rarely see any action via enacted law and budgetary constraint.

Michigan has 59 delegates of which Trump won 25, Cruz 17 and Kasich17.  On April 8-9th the Michigan Republicans will meet at the state convention in Lansing to elect their national convention delegates.

Glenn Clark, a Republican precinct delegate from Troy is quoted in The Detroit News stating:

“Everyone can smell that there’s going to be a fight, and everyone wants to be there for the fight. These are like the box seats.”

What are we to do if our current Republican party consistently relinquishes their power to the Democrat minority party?

Do we sit at home and effectively give the power back to the Democrats and allow them to continue to change this country in ways we never thought would happen?

Do we allow the Democrat party to continue to erode what our country was built on and let them continue to change us to a European socialist or even worse communist country?

You decide, I know what I am going to do.

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