Bernie Sanders put the slap down on any talk that he should get out of the Democratic race with Hillary Clinton as he swept all three weekend contests in Washington, Alaska and Hawaii. It also gives those with the Bern hope that the outspoken socialist may have a fighting chance in the upcoming New York primary on April 19th.

Hillary Clinton of course was the Senator from New York and is widely regarded as the favorite but with Sanders posting arguably his best day of the campaign he cannot be counted out and it will mean Clinton must focus time, energy (which she is lacking) and resources on keeping the still relatively obscure Senator at bay long enough to secure the nomination.

One other thing to point out again, a lot of Bernie supporters say they will not vote for Mrs. Clinton is he isn’t on the ballot but would be far more likely to cast their ballots for another outsider Donald Trump.

What’s that smell? Oh, it’s Hillary fuming while Democrats are Berning.