Did someone say snow? Please say no! Michigan isn't ready to deal with snow quite yet. We need a little extra time to process that thought.

One of the biggest reasons why I personally don't want to see any snow in our area is because my shed hasn't been built yet. I have Sheds by Zack scheduled to build our shed next Saturday. So can we please hold off on snow?

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All we can tell you is that the weather experts are saying that in certain spots, Michigan could have an inch of snow sometime next week.

Okay, this makes me feel much better. That doesn't mean the Greater Lansing area is going to see any snow next week.

Here's what mlive.com has to say:

The first inch of snow typically can be seen in late November across southeast Lower Michigan and the second to last week of November for southwest Lower Michigan. As we move northward, northern Lower usually gets its first inch of snow in the second week of November, and the Upper Peninsula brooms its first inch around Halloween.

Besides, who ever really knows when we're going to be hit with snow other than the expert meteorologists who live and breathe weather.

Let me just make my own prediction, the Greater Lansing area will not see an inch of snow anytime soon. Maybe other parts of Michigan will, but not here!

On a side note:

Have you ever noticed that many Michigan drivers actually don't know how to drive on snow covered roads.

Two important things to remember when driving on snow covered roads:

1. Slow your speed down well below posted speed limits.

2. Never ever hit your brakes hard when trying to stop on snow covered roads or icy roads. That's how many people end up in ditches along Michigan highways.

Check out a few more driving tips here at outsideonline.com.

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