Have to admit when I got my 2nd COVID19 vaccine from the Ingham County Health Department I was hoping it was all downhill from there and this craziness would slowly fade away.

Unfortunately, that was not the case and now of course they are advising to get the booster shots.

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Here is the deal on Booster shots for all three COVID-19 vaccines that you can now get at Ingham County Health Department clinics.  I found them by the way to be very courteous and knowledgeable when I got my first 2 vaccines there.

What You Need To Know About Booster Shots

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently authorized boosters for those who received the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines according to fox47news.com.

Here is what you need to know If you got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, you can get a booster starting two months after the initial shot.

For those who received Moderna or Pfizer vaccines, you’re eligible for a booster six months or more after your initial dose series if you’re 65 and older, are 18 years or older and live in a long-term care setting, live or work in high risk settings or have underlying medical conditions.


In case you're wondering the FDA also said it’s okay to mix vaccines.

Just An Extra Precaution

Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail says folks who do qualify to get the booster it isn't a sign that the vaccine failed, a booster dose on this vaccine at 6 months is simply preventing serious illness, hospitalization, and want all of us to be as safe and protected.

If you want the booster and qualify, or are looking to get vaccinated you can schedule an appointment on the health department's website. Keep in mind as well you can also visit Walgreens, Kroger, and Meijer

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