Yesterday on my show we somehow meandered on to whether the current COVID-19 vaccines are actually vaccines or something else.  That discussion then turned to what a vaccine is and what the Center for Disease Control (CDC) definition of a vaccine is.

According to the CDC what was the definition of a vaccine prior to 2015, what did it change to between 2015 to 2021, and what did it change to once again just last September?

The following tweets by Congressman Massie:

Congressman Massie then did one better he also included the archived links to the definitions:

Those above tweets with their archived links are certainly interesting reads.  Why did the CDC change the definition back in 2015 and then just 6 years later in the middle of a pandemic?

The following are emails from my listeners sent to me during my show.

"I've been able to listen to you today. The point these gentlemen are trying to make is that, where there is a risk, there must be a choice. No one is forcing you to take cholesterol medicine or a baby aspirin. Even if you're dying, no one says you must take chemotherapy. Everyone is welcome to take the vaccine if they will accept the risk-benefit analysis for themselves. The vaccine mandates destroy this ability for choice....As far as the change in the definition of a vaccine, it is definitely true. I can't remember if it's the FDA or CDC. They changed the definition from something that gives you immunity to something that helps ameliorate your symptoms because the COVID vaccines are leaky and don't provide immunity. They are actually gene therapy, according to Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology, but, according to Malone, the drug companies fought that label of gene therapy because no one would want to take them, and also they would need to do long-term toxicology studies and fertility studies if they were considered gene therapies."

Another was:

"Look up Dr. Malone he invented the mRNA vaccine watch as many as possible from the start of this mess and see how his story changes the further we move forward the communist have gotten to him and the spike protein  is in the shot it's just a synthetic form"

and another:

"Love your show. We listen every day. Not sure if you are aware but the CDC quietly changed the definition of vaccine as of this past September. I realize you are a busy man so I sent you a video from Facts Matter with Roman at minute 16:24 he discusses this critical change they made and quotes emails from the insiders at the CDC on their decision-making process which is pathetic in my opinion. Then they wonder why the American people are losing faith in them. They lack facts and transparency and I believe they have lost all integrity and can no longer be trusted. Many health professionals such as myself feel the same way.

and one final one:
"If the government is forcing companies to mandate the vaccine. Why is the government mandating welfare recipients to be vaccinated or lose their benefits? Are they afraid they would lose votes? I mean it is for everyone's safety and not political right? Just a thought."
Interesting, what are your thoughts?

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