Praise the Lord and pass the plate soon Michigan will no longer have power outages because according to the Detroit Free Press and Dana Nessel she is done with them.

The Detroit Free Press, the publication of the Democratic Party, actually wrote and published the following headline “Nessel calls for end to power outage nightmare, asks residents to report experiences”.  Aren’t you glad we have Dana as Michigan’s Attorney General?

Now she will get to the bottom of why Michigan’s energy companies do not want to provide an unending stream of power to their customers.  Now we will finally find out why Consumers or DTE do not want to continue to bring in revenue from their customers 24/7.  I guess she believes every time there is a storm the executives of these companies determine whose power they will cut off this time.

Nessel released a video in which she said:

"We all know this scary story…Bad weather knocks out the power. It takes days before it comes back on. The food in the fridge goes bad. The phone and internet goes out and there's no hot water for a shower. Your basic nightmare."

Nessel has asked all Michiganders who have power outages to report them directly to her immediately at

As she said in her video "I'll use the information you provide to help advocate for consumers and hold utility companies accountable”.

As Yul Brynner said in the Ten Commandments:

“So let it be written, so let it be done”

It was written by The Detroit Free Press now it must be done by Dana.

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