We know that spring fever is coming, but who is straight-up ready for summer? If you're wondering what summer might be like in Michigan for this year, here's one prediction.

The Old Farmer's Almanac has released its annual long-term forecast that includes predictions for the 2020 summer season across the United States, including the Great Lakes region. The "Lower Lakes" region in their model includes most of lower Michigan, along with eastern Wisconsin and northern areas of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, western Pennsylvania and upstate New York.

So will it be a sizzler putting those air conditioners to work? Or will it be comfy and cool with the windows open?

According to the Almanac:

Summer will be hotter and rainier than normal. The hottest periods will be between mid-June, mid-to-late July, and mid-August.

For late summer and early fall, during September and October, the weather is also expected to be warmer than normal, but with below-normal precipitation.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac Long Range Weather Forecasts are based on three scientific disciplines:

  • Solar Science (the study of sunspots and other solar activity)
  • Climatology (the study of prevailing weather patterns)
  • Meteorology (the study of the atmosphere)

Of course, long-range weather forecasts can be far from accurate and are much more difficult to pin down than short-range forecasts. But the Old Farmer's Almanac claims it has a decent track record. They've been doing these for almost 230 years and say they are traditionally around 80% accurate. But other outlets claim that the percentage is much lower. I guess we'll see.

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