It’s been a crazy year for schools and colleges trying to manage their way through this pandemic. A lot of stops and starts, and learning new ways of dealing with the spread of Covid-19. Michigan State University has certainly had its challenges this year enforcing mask wearing and social distancing. It looks like MSU is ready to open things up a bit more as we head into 2021. This week they announced their plans for the 2021 spring semester.

January 11, 2021 is the start of their undergraduate classes which will run until April 23rd. They plan to do their finals one week earlier to allow more time for graduation. The roster includes more in-person classes, focusing on courses that will help them graduate on time. Spring break will be cancelled in 2021, like several other Big Ten schools are doing. They are including some midweek days without classes in lieu of spring break to give students a break. MSU will have about 2500 added single occupancy residence hall spaces for students who need to live on campus.

As part of a COVID-19 testing program, MSU will require participation in the COVID-19 Early Detection Program for students living on campus and undergraduate students coming to campus during the spring semester. Current program participants, faculty, staff and other student populations will have the opportunity to continue in the program.

The good news is 2021 is looking to return to some normalcy, but Covid-19 will continue to be a challenge on campuses across our country for our educators.

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