We've hit that time of the year. We've got corn mazes on one end. Haunted attractions on the other. Then, we also have pumpkin picking.

Among many things, you can also get cider and donuts at a few of these pumpkin patches. And those two go better together at this time of the year than anything. There's no discussion about it. I'm willing to fight you on that one too unless you can prove me wrong.

Check out where you can go this Fall to get your pumpkins here in the Greater Lansing Area, according to Lansing Family Fun. 

Where To Pick Pumpkins In The Greater Lansing Area This Fall

Look, you can get these from a store too, but it's just not the same. Plus, you'd be supporting local farmers.

My philosophy lately has been, shop local. While, you can go to a bigger convenience store, maybe even a smaller one, and grab a pumpkin, where is the fun in that.

By going out with your family, friends, or significant other, you're creating memories you won't get by just simply going to a store to buy a pumpkin. Besides, that is so pre-covid anyways. We are in a new era of making family memories together.

Where's your favorite patch?

Was it included in this list? If not, open that station app and let us know where you go to pick out pumpkins.

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