The next round of stimulus checks should be making their way into your bank as soon as next week, and if you're loan-free and can afford to spend the money, why not spend it on a piece of Michigan history?

The Mackinac Bridge Authority is currently auctioning away some more of the original steel gratings from the bridge. The pieces are approximately 5 1/2 feet by 38 feet, and 5 inches deep, according to the Michigan Department of Transportations Facebook page.

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There are currently five different original grates being auctioned off, which you can view here, and maybe even throw a bid in at here. The current highest bid sits at $810.00, and the lowest bid sits at $209.99 for some of the vintage deck grating.

With the current bidding prices, you could definitely use that next stimulus payment on a piece of Michigan history since 1957, and still have more leftover for maybe even a trip around Michigan, depending on the one you bid on of course.

You'll definitely impress your friends at your next get-together.

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