WalletHub released their "2019 Hardest-Working States In America" list this week and guess which state is near the bottom? Yep—Michigan didn't fare too well on this year's list. Michigan came in at #47 on their list which means they kinda think we're a bunch of slackers. So, how did they come up with their numbers? Well, the methodology they used to determine the rankings included research about the average workweek hours, the employment rate, unused vacation time by employees, and other factors.

So, who made the top of the list? According to WalletHub, that would be the hard-working state of North Dakota. Alaska came in second place, South Dakota was third, Texas was fourth and Nebraska was number five on the list. And who finished the worst? That would be the state of West Virginia. Also, at the bottom of the list (right behind Michigan) was New Mexico and Rhode Island.

Here's their interactive map to give you some more insight.

Source: WalletHub

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