While other farmers are having a tough season due to early spring and summer rain, the weather actually had a positive impact for Michigan apple growers.

According to WOOD, if you love apples, 2019 will bring another great harvest come this fall.

Michigan apple growers are looking at another solid harvest with a potential of 25.25 million bushels of tasty apples. I can smell the warm apple pie already!

Executive Director of the Michigan Apple Committee, Diane Smith, says that several regions of Michigan growers are reporting good size apples and an over all clean crop.

Unlike those who farm corn, the cool rainy spring and hot July weather conditions were actually perfect for producing a solid apple crop.

Michigan apples begin being harvested in the month of August and start shipping out immediately all the way through the following June to countries all over the world as well as over 30 states in America.

To give you an idea of just how big the apple operation is in Michigan, the state has 825 orchards that contains more than 11.3 million apple trees that blanket over 35,500 acres of land.

Now that's a lot of apples!

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