Monday we reported about the half million doses of the Covid-19 vaccine coming to Michigan this week. I had registered with 3 providers, Barry-Eaton Health Department, Mclaren Health and Meijer Pharmacy. Barry-Eaton got me an appointment a week ago, and this week the other two reached out to set up appointments. Make sure you register everywhere they are distributing the vaccine in your area, as they are actively setting up appointments now. Barry-Eaton County Health Department even sent out notices yesterday that they had same day appointments available. Things are starting to move fast on the vaccine front right now. President Biden announced yesterday that the US will have enough vaccines for everyone by the end of May, two months ahead of schedule.

The State of Michigan has also been stockpiling another Covid-19 treatment from our Federal Government. This treatment is not for everyone, it’s only effective with a certain group of people. Michigan is sitting on 4,300 doses of monoclonal antibody treatment, it was approved last November. This treatment uses man made molecules to substitute for antibodies which will trigger a patient's immune system.

WILX reports Ingham County Health Officer Linda Vail said this treatment isn’t for everybody. “Monoclonal antibody treatment really is for severe cases. It’s not the number one go-to,” said Vail. Because of that, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has a stockpile of the antibody treatment sitting in a state warehouse. The state has sent letters to providers encouraging them to use it.

This treatment is intended to be used when the patient is at risk of hospitalization. MSU Epidemiology professor Nigel Paneth has reported that he would like to see the treatment used more. Michigan has provided this treatment for any hospital that has requested it.

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They are expanding distribution, but still not sure how this monoclonal antibody treatment will react with Covid-19 vaccines. If you were treated with antibodies, the CDC urges waiting 90 days before getting the vaccine.

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